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Fuhau Hotel is in perfect location with convenient traffic.  We are on the intersection of Fushin S. Rd. and Shinyi Rd., 10 meters away from MRT Da-an Station.  We are one of the hotels that are closest to MRT stations around Taipei City.  Thanks to well-planned mass transportation system, Fuhau Hotel is located in the center of it.  Fuhau Hotel is within easy access to MRT system, Taipei Train Station and business area around it and Shihmen Distrct..


MRT Traffic Information: 

3 minutes to  Breeze Center

2 minute to Sogo Department Store

7 minutes to Sunyetsen's Memorial Hall

15 minutes to  Taipei Zoo

7 minutres to Taipei City Government Hall

5 minutes to Vieshow Cinemas

20 minutes to Shihlin Business Zone

45 minutes to Tamshui 




Bus Options


Daan Vocational High School

74, 209, 278Main, 278Secondary, 278Interval 


Minshen E Rd. 

278Main, 278Secondary, 278Interval


Linan St. 

0E, 652, 20, 22, 38, 204, 209, 226, 294Main, Shinyi


Shinyi Fushin Stop 

278Main, 278Secondary, 278Interval, 626, 901, 902


Daan Junior High School

63, 209, 225, 252Main, 252Interval, 277,    612,613, Brown 1


MRT Daan Station 

Wenhu Line     /     Tamsui--Xinyi    Line

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